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Commission Work

I am open for commissions.

Check out my folder. It's fledgling now but there are a few pics in there. '

Obviously my forte is in the female wrestling world but as you can see, if you look around, it's not entrenched there. I'm happy to listen to what you may need. Send me a note and lets have a chat.

1 character - $10
2 characters - $15
3 characters - $20

I'm open for PayPal only


Thanks again all for the 100 watches. I purposely put all 3 ladies in the same bikini. Who wears it best? 

11 deviants said Allison
9 deviants said Laura
7 deviants said Vikki


Vikki War Games Promo
Vikki is entered into LenStormcrow1988 HUGE War Games match.  12 Fighters!  Good Luck Len, that's a pile of work!  Cant wait to see how it turns out.  In the meantime here is Vikki's take. 


Vikki shows off her new blue wrestling suit, bought specifically for Queen Of The War Games Event, to the interview crew.
“Not bad, eh gang?” she asks the crowd.

They all chuckle, knowing the question didn’t need an answer.

She just smiled and settled in for the interview

“You’re here for some questions, correct?  Fire away.”

She was easy to talk to and clearly confident.  She was a ball of muscle, clearly she’d put work into honing her physique.
Mr Bradshaw began

“The first question that just begs to be asked, and sorry if this comes out offensive, but why the blue hair?”

Vikki smiles, “Right to it, I like it.  To be honest it could have been any color, but I settled on this shade of blue.  I like blue as you can see, I like a lot of other colors too but this one suited me.  I don’t like to be the same as everyone else.  Look at this interview, it’s the first question.  I stick out in a crowd.  Im different and that’s the way I like it.  If I wanted to blend in I’d have kept my original black hair, but this sort of gives me a flair.  Catches folks off guard a bit.”

“Question Two, you are a bit of an unknown, why now to come out.  Seems like a brutal event to be your first.”

“It is brutal, but I think its time for me to see if I can step out of my comfort zone from time to time.  Let’s see what I’ve got.  I think I’ve got a lot, more than most can handle and it’s time to put that to the test.”

“Why here, though, why now?”

“To steal a phrase, isnt’ this where some of the big girls play?”

“Ha, fair point.  Tell us about your style, you’re more of a submission wrestler, right?”

“Oh, you’ve done your homework, nice job.  You bet I am.  Nothing more definitive than hearing the words ‘I Quit’ or even better putting them out.”

“You like to use an interesting front figure four headscissor, right?”

“When I can, yes.  I love watching the life fade from their eyes.  Its sexy and dominating.  Pay attention, in this event.  Mark my words……. People are going out.  Im not against a simple pin after a Scorpion Death Drop, but sometimes you need to see the lights go out.  Know what I mean?”

“How are your pro style wrestling skills?”

“Better than people think.   I know the moves, I watch the tape, I practice, I put in the time.  It’s essential to continue my growth and improvement.  These girls are about to get a lesson.”
“Care to finish up with your assessment of the combatants?”

“Sure, I came here looking for respect.  Not a lot needs to be said about Liz Claws, Eliza Sanderson, Xue Long.  These ladies are fighters, I have no doubt they know little about me, Im here to change that.  I respect them.  Im here to earn it in return.  I want them to know when they are finished that they’ve been in a brawl.  I also want some of them to know when this is over, if they need someone to watch their back, Im here for them.  

Jeannie Rose, Azumi, Tempest, Blaze, Bunny I don’t know a ton about any of them, but I’ll find out before this match.  I cant go in unaware or Im going to get cleaned out.  I don’t want to just assume they aren’t capable.  I admire them far too much for that.”

“Valen?  I’ll let my actions in the ring be my commentary on her.”

“And finally on a bit of a down note, I see the draws and I get both Lisa and Laura in the same match?  I call bullshit on that.  This appears to be a set up of some kind, they clearly are going to gang up on me.  My first match and it’s essentially a handicap match.  Fine, it is what it is….. let them come.  Let them all come.  I’ll take the two red headed besties out first, maybe you’ll even get to see one of them nap.  At the very least you’ll hear some “I Submit!” Then it’ll be on to the big ring with one goal.  Beating the best in this tournament and slapping the belt on my waist.  I'll take on anyone and give the fans a show.  Look out New York City and the mecca that is Madison Square Garden, Im Vikki Ryan and Im 134 lbs of Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal and Im about to be the champ!! ”

“Thanks for your time.”

“Any time, Mike.”
Gemma Surfboard
Gemma maneuvers Liz to the center of the ring by the arm, then grabs the other arm and pulls them both back. Adding to the hold she drives her foot in between Liz's shoulder blades.

"There now Lizzy, let's hear it before I rip them both out of their sockets. Give it up, Hun."

On the outside Allison leans into the ring. "Any chance you submit, Liz?" although she knew enough about her that she was sure of the answer.

"N..No. Not to you, EVER!" Liz shoots back making sure they both know she isn't done yet.

Making sure she's positioned Liz right where she wants her she pulls back even further on her arms, inflicting further plain and damage.

"Your girl is stubborn, Shanna but I'll get her eventually. Still time to switch sides to back a winner!" She smiles gleefully. Gemma is meeting them both know that she intends to dominate from here on out.

'Fine,' she thinks 'if this bitch won't quit, then I'll just put her out or knock her out! She's going to think twice about who she insults next time.'

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Liz is This-Cat-Has-Claws, Gemma is RoxErotique and Shanna is Shanna1600 and all of these great ladies have given me permission to use their OCs. Allison belongs to me.
I wasn't sure if this was a Journal or a Status update, it's not really either.  It's about sharing personal info.  I've often wondered what to share here and what not to share here.  Some pour their hearts out, others (like me) share little to nothing.  I don't think either is bad, to each his own.  Whatever makes one feel better about oneself is how it should be I think.  Today though I share.....

There are so many of you I've come to know and am so glad to be part of my life, that we are 'friends', even if it's in a most unconventional way, it's still friends.  We check on each other, we pat each other on the back, we laugh with each other, we worry about each other, etc.  That's what friends do.  Yes I could send out X amount of notes to individual people but I'm just too lazy for that! :P If you are taking the time to read this then you probably would have gotten this note.

From time to time I get asked 'What is Onek1995?" and I often just be coy about it, we all have our monikers and the reasons behind them.  Today though you all get to find out the true meaning.  You see tomorrow marks the 22nd anniversary of my donating a kidney to my wife.  My wedding day will always be the best day of my life but May 22nd will always be the day that changed everything.  Medicine has come so far these days, but back then it wasn't a slam dunk.  Non related donors were, to say the least, an extreme rarity, it was a relatively new idea and the success rate wasn't as high as it is today.  It was tough and it was stressful but it ended up being highly successful.  I cant put into words how overwhelming it all was, it would be fruitless to try.  She often tells folks who don't know our story that I saved her life.  Try that on for size sometimes, I've saved another human being's life.  I've always downplayed it.  I've been called a hero, but am I really?  I just don't see it that way. It's not that I didn't know what a big deal it was, quite the opposite.  Its a huge thing, but I just didn't want the attention.  I know what I did and what kind of person that makes me.  I could have not done it, worried about what might happen to me and watched her maybe suffer, as her father did, or I could put my wedding vows to the test.  "For better or worse, in sickness and in health." What's the point of that vow if they are just words?  I've always thought, it isn't MY thing, this is HER thing.   Over the last few years though I've come to decide this is OUR thing.  I'm proud, and I think I have the right to be, but I'm far more proud of her.  There hasn't been one day where she doesn't think about what a special gift she has and she doesn't abuse it.  No smoking, limited drinking, no over eating, drinking her water, etc.   She's the reason its been so successful and I'm grateful for that.   And now here we are 22 years later, happy, mostly healthy, and growing old together.  It's friggin' great.

Now I didn't write this to get any accolades, even though I know they will probably come and I will appreciate them all. I didn't write this to pound my own chest and say 'look at me!'.  I write this because, as I said, I feel like sharing this little bit of my life with my friends.  Many of you who will read this mean that much to me. 


United States


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