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I am open for commissions.

Check out my folder. It's fledgling now but there are a few pics in there. '

Obviously my forte is in the female wrestling world but as you can see, if you look around, it's not entrenched there. I'm happy to listen to what you may need. Send me a note and lets have a chat.

1 character - $10
2 characters - $15
3 characters - $20

I'm open for PayPal only


Thanks again all for the 100 watches. I purposely put all 3 ladies in the same bikini. Who wears it best? 

11 deviants said Allison
8 deviants said Laura
7 deviants said Vikki


Devon Ab Stretch
Devon next moved fluidly.  Recognizing her advantageous position she moved in behind Cynthia and wrapped her up in an abdominal stretch.  It was a move she loved to execute.  It allowed her to use her length to her benefit.  Now she had Cynthia tied up and was stretching for all she was worth.   Still she couldn’t help but enjoy this just a bit.

“Aha Cynthia!  Now I’ve got you!  I’ve gotten two submissions with similar moves in this tourney and I can sense here comes number three!  Let’s hear it and the pain stops.  You know the words.”

Cynthia just moaned in agony.  Even her fit and limber body was feeling the effects of this hold and the match in general.  Still she wasn’t ready to give in
“N…No!  No way………Ahhhhh!”

Devon responded by digging in the hold just a little bit deeper.  It seemed only a matter of time before it would be over.  Devon had taken over in this match and was making no mistakes.  She had her locked up in what was she was beginning to feel like her 'go to' move..... her finisher she thought.
Devon Stomach Kick
With no hesitation at all and with lightning quickness Devon snaps a kick into the unguarded stomach of her foe.  Her years as a dancer no doubt aided the accuracy and damage inflicted.  As she elicits a howl, Cynthia doubles over, her defenses realizing too late what was happening.  It was a calculated and decisive move by Devon further stretching her gains as this match progressed.  She was now seizing control of this match.

“Remember earlier? I’d say we are now even in the gut kicking category” Devon is pleased with herself and lets Cynthia know it, quite literally adding insult to injury.  She knew not to play around with Cynthia though.  She already had let a couple of opportunities slip away to get a victory, she was determined to make good on  her next attempt.
Devon Grabs Cynthia
With Cynthia slower to rise, Devon steps in and takes advantage.  The tenor of this match is clearly turning a bit nasty by both girls, this time with Devon grabbing her opponent by the hair to stand her up.   Cynthia is less than thrilled
“Hey, what the hell, Dev?!!  Get off my hair!”
“Just giving you a hand.  You’re lucky your ass is still in this match.  You should be pinned.  I screwed that one up.  You wont be so fortunate next time.”
“You wont get that chance again!” Cynthia fights back, grabbing Devon’s wrist alleviating the pain a bit, but still Devon is able to get her to her feet.   Devon leading Cynthia around by the hair, perhaps more in frustration than anything else finally releases her grip.
Cynthia Kicks Out
Cynthia heard the ‘Two’ and flat out panicked.   She thrust and bridged and squirmed and twisted and powered for all she was worth.  Whether it was Devon being too careful with the count or Cynthia’s sheer will to escape but Devon couldn’t hold on for the third count.   Regardless, Devon found herself tumbling off Cynthia.  Cynthia using her greater strength to help her along didn’t hurt either.  Now the two were scrambling to regain any advantage, but the effort Cynthia used to escape the brilliant pin attempt had expended a load of energy.  She was just a bit slower than before and Devon didn’t give her a chance to recoup.
On the off chance you haven't done it yet, take a few moments to stop by and see :iconlenstormcrow1988: and read some of his stories.   He's got a nice variety of things going on there and his characters are great.  He does a really nice job of building them up and he's only going to get better and add more to what he has there already.  I know reading is sometimes hard here for most but if you get a few moments take a chance.  You wont regret it.  And leave him a comment or two.  He'll answer them all!


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